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Bomb shelters - EMP -
Emergency Food and Water



Bomb shelters effective against nuclear blast, biological and chemical agent protection. Waiting for the government to protect you? Forget it, you will be dead first. Solve the problem yourself. Explosion resistant designs are engineered to make the structure resistant enough to protect against the threat, while meeting budget constraints. The same concepts apply for biological and chemical agent protection, but are measured simply against whether the design is airtight and impervious against chemical agent corrosion. Note: survivability calculations seen here are only theoretical estimates. When possible, over-engineered designs are strongly encouraged to minimize the danger to life and property as there will be no second chances, and no one to complain to if you are dead.

Existing deactivated, privately-owned, missile silos and bunkers can be cleaned up, cleaned out, decontaminated, and modified to your specifications. New bunker facilities can be built to your specifications, or our recommended specifications. Existing structures can be examined and audited for structural integrity, and survivability estimates can be given using current threat analysis results; this is a highly recommended concept for those that want a structural facility that they can count on with their lives. Consulting time spent in the security aspect of readying a decommissioned missile silo or bunker are also highly recommended.

Whether you call them, "bunkers," "bomb shelters," or "air raid shelters"; or something else, the results are the same (depending on the original design and engineering specifications): protection for you and your loved ones.

We can design from scratch a new facility budgeted at any price point that suits your tastes; with many features that you may want.

Also available are: emergency food growing facilities, food storage and food preservation systems including dehydrators and storage. Air scrubbers, electric generation (hydroelectric, solar, diesel, natural gas, solar arrays that "pop up" on hydraulic lifts from their own hardened silos, or other ideas). Decentralized fuel storage facilities construction are available, and strongly encouraged to maintain the integrity of your fuel supply. Water storage (cisterns), and filtration systems are also available.

"Maximum security" perimeter defenses and monitoring (no one, and no vehicle will get in easily, or at all, depending on what you have done to prevent their entry). Anti-infrared signature (reduces your facility's profile to the opponent): cold-water-cooling the building's exterior walls, reduces the heat naturally given off from your protected building complex. As activity in a structure can easily be read as night by various heat levels found within a building. Camouflage concepts and more are available. Concepts include: fencing, CCTV, electronic intrusion, weapons systems, lighting, generators to maintain power to all systems, etc.

Furthermore, Electromagnetic Pulse-hardened facilities are encouraged for electronic equipment survivability. As you know, electronics are important and their survivability depends upon what steps you have taken to harden them against attack; failure to do so, renders them useless.

Additionally, underground hardened bunkers for both personnel and equipment are available with features that include, but are not limited to, subterranean hydraulic, and mechanical-type elevator lifts to raise and lower Doppler radar antennas, communication antenna arrays, fixed wing, and rotational aircraft; along with vehicles and supplies from the underground bunker area to the surface. Double or triple redundant, decentralized components built to survive beyond the parameters one would think necessary. A little extra ability/survivability is always a benefit, and may just save your life.

We can build to any specifications. This is no-nonsense category is for people who understand the need for such facilities — if you are not sure what you need just ask us.

Prefabricated structures at very reasonable prices are also available.

...if you are waiting for someone to save you, they won't.

Save yourself! Sounds cute. Sounds alarmist. It's none of those. It's just reality...

Last words: if something global / world-wide truly ever warrants the use of these types of shelters, it is probably too late for you to contact us...


Don't wait, because the mother nature and the governments of this world run by humans, irrational on their best days, will not give you advanced notice of impending disaster or war-making plans.

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